Backpacking Tips 2.0

I’ve learned some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to backpacking. Going through a learning curve and ending up in some pretty dire situations. However, sometimes the experiences aren’t that enjoyable have put a smudge on the memories. Nobody wants smudgy memories. These are some of my tips and rules, vetted and honed. which can hopefully help you avoid the bad times and bring you … Continue reading Backpacking Tips 2.0

Adventure and Culture Awaits

Arriving in a valley encompassed by mountains you descend to a small airport and proceed to be herded through immigration and baggage collection belts with countless others. You will step out into the beautiful and bustling bombardment that is the city of Kathmandu. Welcome to the exciting adventure that awaits you in Nepal. Outside the arrivals gate, a sea of people stands in wait for … Continue reading Adventure and Culture Awaits

The “F**k It” Moments 

I patiently waited as I stood 160 Meters above the ground, kept aloft by a rocking and swinging Suspension Bridge in a small valley of Nepal, near the Tibetan Border. Smiling as I watch the others, and waiting for my moment. I’d travelled for four hours by bus, and I have to travel for four hours back. I stare out and down as I wait,  … Continue reading The “F**k It” Moments 

Went out for a coffee, and ended up running off the edge of a mountain.  

Today I woke up the same way as almost every other day on my trip; keeping S quiet as possible as not to disturb any of the other people sleeping in my dorm. I sat down on the balcony overlook Phewa Lake, Pokhara, watching the sun make its way over the mountains and begin to hit the lake with its first rays of light. Then … Continue reading Went out for a coffee, and ended up running off the edge of a mountain.