Buy Your Slice of Bristol

Can You Afford Your Very Own Slice of Bristol?   An ever-growing city, attracting thousands of new prospective residents’ year on year, due to the culturally diverse and artfully expressive city it has become. It has engineers, artists, and designers at the top of their respective industries, whilst still retaining a strong feeling of community and an individual’s importance within it. But just how achievable … Continue reading Buy Your Slice of Bristol

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A Month-Or-So in.

So, I originally started this blog whilst on my travels back on October, mainly to fill those brief moments of boredom. Surely enough, I had written only a couple of posts such as 4 Tips While Backpacking and The “F**k it” Moments, before giving up and totally forgetting I even had this website. Fast-forward to mid-March and I once again found myself wanting to write … Continue reading A Month-Or-So in.

Plogging: The New Swedish Trend Spreading across The World

  The easiest and convenient environmental solution to plastic pollution in cities. Plogging (derived from the Swedish Plocka Upp – to pick up litter) is the latest trend to emerge from the famously environmentally-friendly motivated region of the world; Scandinavia. It consists of taking a bag on your daily – or however-frequent run –  through your neighbourhood and collecting any litter you encounter. It can … Continue reading Plogging: The New Swedish Trend Spreading across The World