Buy Your Slice of Bristol

Can You Afford Your Very Own Slice of Bristol?   An ever-growing city, attracting thousands of new prospective residents’ year on year, due to the culturally diverse and artfully expressive city it has become. It has engineers, artists, and designers at the top of their respective industries, whilst still retaining a strong feeling of community and an individual’s importance within it. But just how achievable … Continue reading Buy Your Slice of Bristol

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Adventure Everest Issue 2: Travel Phakding to Namche Bazaar

Following the previous article about the start of my adventure; to travel to Everest Basecamp, I awoke on the third day to find myself reasonably tired after sleeping badly after attempting to sleep in my sleeping bag (way too hot), in addition to the very loud Asian group in the next room. Narrowly separated by thin plywood with gaping holes where the walls and ceiling … Continue reading Adventure Everest Issue 2: Travel Phakding to Namche Bazaar

The Nobel Museum, Stockholm

Upon the Island Gamla Stan, within the vast area covered by the Stockholm Archipelago and along the beautiful, old cobbled streets of what is known as the old town of Stockholm, stands a small building which houses a museum exhibiting perhaps one of the most notable foundations known world-wide – The Nobel Foundation. The Foundation – possibly the most integral part of Alfred Nobel’s final … Continue reading The Nobel Museum, Stockholm

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A Month-Or-So in.

So, I originally started this blog whilst on my travels back on October, mainly to fill those brief moments of boredom. Surely enough, I had written only a couple of posts such as 4 Tips While Backpacking and The “F**k it” Moments, before giving up and totally forgetting I even had this website. Fast-forward to mid-March and I once again found myself wanting to write … Continue reading A Month-Or-So in.

Bristol Visit With Next to No Planning

In a rush? Have little or no time to plan your city break to Bristol? Here are several activities and attractions you can easily do/see with minimal planning (some may require booking in advance however), and still make the most of your visit to a city dripping in history and culture. So relax, you’ll still have a great time! Familiarise Yourself with the Surroundings and … Continue reading Bristol Visit With Next to No Planning

Adventure Travels: Everest Issue.1

Back in the Latter-half of September 2017, I travelled to Nepal and embarked on an adventure within an adventure as I trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp (known as EBC) during my larger trip; which lasted several months. It is possible to do this solo (get the permits, maps, domestic flights etc yourself), however if you aren’t confident in your ability to do so, I … Continue reading Adventure Travels: Everest Issue.1

Backpacking Tips 2.0

I’ve learned some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to backpacking. Going through a learning curve and ending up in some pretty dire situations. However, sometimes the experiences aren’t that enjoyable have put a smudge on the memories. Nobody wants smudgy memories. These are some of my tips and rules, vetted and honed. which can hopefully help you avoid the bad times and bring you … Continue reading Backpacking Tips 2.0

Adventure and Culture Awaits

Arriving in a valley encompassed by mountains you descend to a small airport and proceed to be herded through immigration and baggage collection belts with countless others. You will step out into the beautiful and bustling bombardment that is the city of Kathmandu. Welcome to the exciting adventure that awaits you in Nepal. Outside the arrivals gate, a sea of people stands in wait for … Continue reading Adventure and Culture Awaits