A Month-Or-So in.

So, I originally started this blog whilst on my travels back on October, mainly to fill those brief moments of boredom. Surely enough, I had written only a couple of posts such as 4 Tips While Backpacking and The “F**k it” Moments, before giving up and totally forgetting I even had this website.

Me, Having too much fun

Fast-forward to mid-March and I once again found myself wanting to write something, but with a little more of an emphasis on writing for others and increasing my efforts in making my posts more visible. So, I began writing about the experiences I’ve had and the places I’ve been with the hope to inspire others as well as engraining the memory of my adventures more vividly within my own mind through the recollection of said experiences. I looked into what SEO optimisation is, networking, and how to market/promote my blog – I still don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m getting there (any and all advice is welcome).

Further fun being had
An instrument of monumental fun. I called her, Veronika.

Fast forward a further 5-6 weeks later, and the blog has achieved over 3000 views and over 300 email subscriptions within that time. Being featured on a guest post for SOS Travel, listed in Visit Bristol’s Favourite Articles of the Month and having my photo used as their feature has proven beneficial thus far. Additionally, having another guest post scheduled for publishing in mid-May, on a website with a significant following also gives me hope for further things in the pipeline. I’m not sure if this is an impressive amount in comparison with others, but I’m taking it as a win.

It turns out – contrary to my own belief – that some people actually enjoy the things I write.

As it so happens, I’ve found myself actually enjoying writing them too.

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