Super Simple Sustainability

I am not here to point at you, blame you, and say you must quit your job, sell your house, and live in the woods on berries. This is just a list of very small changes I’ve implemented myself, which you too can implement at home, and improve your impact on the environment as well as your daily life.


  1. Recycle at home

Despite this being a very obvious point, it’s surprising the amount most of us DON’T recycle simply due to not doing our research.

What is the likelihood that you recycle your cardboard, Glass, and Tin/metal waste?  I would like to think pretty high. A large majority of people also recycle their food waste in addition to this also. But did you know you can also put out batteries, textiles/clothing, even Engine Oil for collection on Bin Day?

We still throw so much in the Black waste bin still. Mainly due to there being a lot of confusion over what is and is not allowed in certain waste and the fear that the Bin Collectors will leave your waste uncollected due to one of these fatal errors (it happens). For information on what you can (and cannot) put out for recycling, see here (UK Only).


  1. Recycle in Public

Buying a Coffee to take away, a Plastic-bottled drink, or a Meal Deal whilst out shopping? Throw it in the “General Waste” Bin.


They can all go in the recycling. All you need to do is put in a little effort. Hell, when getting a coffee, take your own refillable cup and be even more environmentally aware. Some places even make this a cheaper option too, so its immediately beneficial for you!


  1. Re-useable Straws?

Drink through a straw? Invest in a re-useable one made of materials such as a steel or bamboo and keep handy in your pocket or your bag/purse. Easy right?

The UK is estimated to Throw away 8.5 Million Straws every year according to the Marine Conservation Society. By buying your own straw, you’re directly responsible for improving the condition of our environment – particularly our oceans – as well as the wildlife in these regions. Ever wondered what those plastic straws do to our Sea-life? Find out an example here (you may find this disturbing).


  1. Wrapping Paper

Did you know that a lot of wrapping paper is un-recyclable?

A lot of people don’t. Be responsible, check that it is before purchasing it.


  1. You’re Probably intolerant to Dairy, so stop that.

Did you know approximately 75% of the earths human population is Dairy-intolerant?

Did you know the Dairy industry is one of the main contributors to global pollution along with the Meat Industry, engine emissions, and Cotton production?

Did you know that you could be Dairy intolerant, you just haven’t given up dairy to see how it makes you feel?

I loved milk in the past (still do, in fact), however I now resist the urge to buy that carton of Cows Milk which I so greedily used to drink by the pint. I didn’t realise how bad it made me feel until I stopped having it. Truly it feels great. No bloating, and more energy in addition to contributing to the improvement of the planet is a great incentive. As is not supporting the abuse which dairy cows unfortunately are made to endure for the profit of others.


  1. One Meat-Meal a day.

As previously mentioned, the Meat Industry is one of the largest contributors to global pollution. Aside from this, the quantity of meat which we consume as a species is just not sustainable and the growth of such a trend could end up with us literally eating all the animals (far-fetched, but not impossible).

Try to limit yourself to eating one meal a day which includes meat. This is really simple and actually exposes you to a whole new range foods and recipes which are delicious; you’ll soon learn that a well-cooked vegetarian meal tastes so much better than its meat counterpart.



We all understand to some degree that making the world a better, healthier, and more beautiful place is important, right?

I hear of the endangered Sperm-whale that died from swallowing over 60lbs of plastic, and of floating islands of plastic waste supposedly three times the size of France among countless other horrid stories detailing how our planet is being destroyed mainly by our actions as a species and I cannot help but feel that we could be doing more.

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