Plogging: The New Swedish Trend Spreading across The World


The easiest and convenient environmental solution to plastic pollution in cities. Plogging (derived from the Swedish Plocka Upp – to pick up litter) is the latest trend to emerge from the famously environmentally-friendly motivated region of the world; Scandinavia. It consists of taking a bag on your daily – or however-frequent run –  through your neighbourhood and collecting any litter you encounter.


It can introduce variety to an otherwise monotonous exercise – get off that boring treadmill and hit the pavement! This idea adds a more moral aspect to your motivation to undertake a jog through knowing you’re directly improving your local environment as well as making it a social gathering and a community effort if you wish to organise a Plogging Club – Your local running/jogging club may actually already have weekly events like this already arranged!


You quite literally need nothing other than a rubbish-bag as well as a pair of running shoes and then you are fully equipped to personally influence your local environment immediately. No research, No indoctrination into the Eco-Warrior Club.

Grab a rubbish bag. Go jogging. Pick up litter. Place in Recycling.


It is that simple.

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